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My collection of Hogwarts house buttons from various Sorting Hats:
In case you havn't noticed I'm a Slytherin at Heart!

Slytherin - The BEST House!
What House are you at Hogwarts? Harry Potter!

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How the H*ll did this happen?!?
I was shocked. Hufflepuff?!?

Hufflepuff - NOT the place for a confirmed Slytherin.
Which Harry Potter House do you Belong to? (How *old* is this quiz?)

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Check out the test!

Which House Should YOU Be In? By:Anndrea

Want to Get Sorted?
I'm a Slytherin!

Hufflepuff? AGAIN?
Please don't tell anyone, I'll never live it down!

Hufflepuff? Again?  PLEASE Don't Tell Anyone!
Where do YOU belong?

I'm a Pervy Elf Fancier!
Legolas is my fancy!
What's your fancy? Click here and tell the world!

I'm and Elf Facier
I fancy Elves.
The only one that will ever look good in tights. Oh yea.
Which culture from Middle-Earth do you fancy?
By Hannah and Dani

I'm going to Hell because I am a pervert! But shh! Don't tell anyone.
You're one of those perverts. You know what I'm
talking about.

Clean yourself up, and
get outside more!

Why Will You Go To Hell?
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I will flattened by falling piano

How will you die? Take the Exotic Cause of Death Test

Meep . . . My Battle Cry!
What's YOUR Battle Cry?