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These pics are all from the past few years. I doubt anything on here is more than three years old. If you're wondering what I used to look like (I don't have many pics from earlier in my life anymore) I've never been more than maybe ten to twenty pounds heavier than I am now. I've always had an hourglass figure and I hit DD in junior high. I also hit the 5'10" mark around that time and haven't grown since. I used to keep my red hair long, but never longer than waist lenght. Since then it's gotten shorter and shorter, been more shades of red than you can imagine, as well as having been dyed black (bit mistake) and blonde and white and burgundy. I'm self-conscious about my skin, but it's better in the pics than it was back in highschool.

Some days I think I lucked out in the looks department... other days I'm not sure why people don't run screaming in horror at the very sight of me. Okay, that's a slight exageration, but then again I guess we all have our days. We see ourselves with a far more critical eye than the people around us do. Either way, if you want to laugh at the pics then keep it to yourself, if you think I look good then I won't hate you for saying so *LOL*


Well, this is me. A little bio. A few pics.

What can I say, I am what I am.

Who am I? I'm Kitty (not my real name, but a nick I love), 28 years old, SWF, red hair, blue/grey eyes, 5'10", bi-curious and Pagan. I've currently got my head shaved, as my way of protesting when my work said the color of red I had was too bright, and I actually find it quite liberating. I think I'll keep it for a while ^-^

My favorite color is blue. Or purple. Or maybe green. Depends on the day.

My favorite flower is the lilly. My favorite season is fall. My favorite time of day is dusk. My favorite (the only team I follow, actually) basketball team is the Spurs.

My sign is leo.

I live in "Sin City" Las Vegas, NV, am from Hamilton, Ohio, and recently moved from San Antonio, TX. I've lived in Ohio, Nevada, Texas, Georgia, and Claifornia. In fact, I'm actually considering a move back to Cali in a year or so. Guess I'm a gypsy at heart?

I graduated Hamilton High School back in '98, spent a year at the University of Dayton before deciding that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and have been looking for my place in the world ever since.

I work in the call center of Bally's hotel/casino here in Vegas. I actually despise the tellephone, even though I make my living with one, and wouldn't have one except for the fact that I can't use the net without it. The job pays well enough, so I really shouldn't complain, but I do all the time anyway.

I like rainy days, submissive bi guys, cute fuzzy animals, and laughing.

I'm into anime and yaoi manga. I like American comics too. I love the X-men titles, but if you've even heard of "The Authority" then you're my new best friend, and if you haven't then consider it recommended. Midnighter's ten times the badass that Wolverine is, and he makes the Batman look like a sissy *LOL* (Plus, his husband's hot.) I also like video games, especially FFX-FFXII and the Kingdom Hearts series. I love vampire movies and horror films too.

I listen to geeky music like showtunes (Jesus Christ: Superstar is my fave, even though I'm as not-Christian as a person can get... it confuses the hell out of my mom) and musicals. I love John Barrowman and Michael Crawford. But I also like Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And, on ocassion, I enjoy classic rock too. The Doors. The Stones. The Eagles. You know, the kind of stuff that got me made fun of in school.

I'm a huge fan of "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who", so I guess that makes me a bit of a Sci-Fi geek. I was a bit of a trekie in high school, classic and TNG. Never was the hardcore convention type though. I also love to read, especially Laurell K. Hamilton, Anne Rice, and JK Rowling.

I'm a horrible speller, so any mistakes you find throughout the page are not to be seen as a surprise.

I write homoerotic demonic fantasy fiction, also known as original yaoi and slash, and hope to someday be good enough to say that I'm a professional writer. Right now I just put my stuff up on the web, but the reviews are usually quite favorable, so maybe one day my readers will boost my ego enough that I'll gain the confidence to finally send something out to a publisher. (Yes, that is a hint to send some reviews my way if you read my stuff... lovely of you to notice.)

I enjoy surfing the net, watching reality TV (I know, but it's my guilty pleasure), and playing with my two cats, Toast and Piyoko.

I'm antisocial, socially awkward, and painfully shy at times. Other times I'm outgoing and wild. I don'tl like to play by society's rules, try to live every day as though it were my last, and endeavor to laugh as much as possible every day.

I hate ignorant people, know-it-alls, and onions. I'm no good at these bios, but I think that about covers it. My list of interests grows daily, and there are probably plenty of things that should be there but aren't, but take a look at my LJ profile and see if we have anything in common. If so, feel free to add me there, drop me a line, or whatever.

A few parting words... just not from me...

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad.
People are either charming or tedious.
" --Oscar Wilde

"Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much." ~Oscar Wilde

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." -Oscar Wilde

You know what they say . . .If you can’t beat them . . . then they’re not tied down properly.

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