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I've had this site forever, but now I think it needs a little updating. So, if something isn't working or seems out of place, it's probably just contruction mess.

And, FYI: Most of my udates these days are on my Live Journal, so if you don't find what you're looking for here you might want to check there.


UPDATED May 9, 2009


MOST RECENT MAJOR UPDATE: New LiveJournal entry with book recommendations and general RL updates. New fic posted on AFF, a part of my Forever After Faerie Tales series.


Writing is my passion, so please visit my AFF account HERE. I'll love you forever if you R/R. Also, take a look at my new page, just for my fics! VISIT my LiveJournal, where the majority of my updates can now be found. (My LJ username is MakaiKitty, btw.) Find out more about ME, and see some pics while you're at it! Like to read? Looking for something new to read? Why not take a look at my recommended READING list? And, if you're looking for the old list, here's a LINK. Or try my Amazon.com recommendations lists: Yaoi/BL Animes Yaoi/Slash Books and Manga Slashable and Nearly BL Animes For Quizes, Memes, Tests, and Miscellaneous Stuff take a look HERE.


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