Kitty's Great Link Exchange!

If you want your banner/link featured on my page then just read the following instructions and follow them . . . it's just THAT easy!

   #1 First, take my banner from below and save it to YOUR
      site.  It is also ok if you want to make a different 
      banner that fits your site's look better, it's fine with 

   #2 Link the banner somewhere on your site.  In case you're
      confused, my addy is:
   #3 E-mail me with the location of my banner and where to find
      yours.  Again, my email is

   #4 IF you have put up my banner properly somewhere on your site
      then you'll get a message back from me and I'll have your
      banner up on my site sometime within the next few days.

NOTE: NO porno sites (this does NOT include NC17 fanfiction sites),
      hate sites, or similar sites will be accepted.  I reserve the
      right to deny any requests that I receive.

Save To YOUR Site! Please!
Save To YOUR Site! Please!
Save To YOUR Site! Please!

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