Here are some neat fanfic links. Although most of the sites on my links pages have at least some fanfiction on them, these sites are all about fanfic. Just a little warning: some (most actually) of these sites contain fics of an adult nature and/or NC-17 ratings, so if you're underage or over-sensitive then I'd reccomend proceeding with caution. Enjoy!

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Shadows of the Night
The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest
The Snape Slash Fleet [Severus + Remus] [Severus + Sirius]
Red Moon Rising
The Happy Valley Puppy Farm The Happy Valley Puppy Farm
Yu Yu Hakusho Fanfiction Bookstore
Church of Lemons
Bunny Doll
Frenchy Poof! Smut for the Masses!

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If you have any FanFiction links you'd like linked here (I only use banner links, no text) then just leave me a message in the guestbook and I'll be sure to visit your site and link it if I like it!

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