Adoptions and Devotions

I'm the Keeper of Asher's Gun!

I'm the Keeper of Jean-Claude's Spiffy Shirt!

I Adopted Edward's Throwing Knives @ Edward's Lair

I Adopted Handcuffs for Nathaniel from Executioner! I Adopted the Blood Drinkers Clan from Executioner! I Adopted Anita's Penguin Sigmund from Executioner!

I am Asher's Donor
I am Nathaniel's Dominant
I Adopted Jean-Claude's Popsicle!  Yummy! I Adopted Asher's Popsicle!  Yummy! I Adopted Jason's Popsicle!  Yummy!
I Adopted Doyle's Popsicle!  Yummy! I Adopted Rhys's Popsicle!  Yummy!

Remus Lupin [RL+SB] Sirius Black [SB+RL]
Ginny....Looking at HER Draco?  [GW+DM+HG?] Draco...Watching HIS Ginny, but He Should Watch Out For HIS Hermione Behind Him!  Love Triangles, How Cute!  [GW+DM+HG?] Hermione...Wondering Rather To Jinx HER Draco Out of His Shoes or Just Tell Ginny They Can ALL Just Get Along *wink* *wink*!  [GW+DM+HG?]
Sirius...What's He Up to With HIS Remus? *grin*  [SB+RL] Remus....Wander What Kind of Trouble HIS Sirius Plans on Getting Him Into? *grin*  [RL+SB]
I Kissed Giles! I Kissed Wesley!
I Kissed Jonathan!
I Kissed Spike! I Kissed Lindsey!
I Protect Angelus
I Remember Tara I Remember Doyle
Visit the Crypt of Vampires
I Adopted Annoyed Legolas!  Ain't He Cute!?!
How Cute! Angry Metatron! Jean-Claude . . . Ain't He Cute!?!
Ain't My InuYasha Cute!?!  Get Yours @ ACCESS INUYASHA! Ain't My Kagome Cute!?!  Get Yours @ ACCESS INUYASHA! Ain't My Miroku Cute!?!  Get Yours @ ACCESS INUYASHA!
Ain't Kyo Cute!?!
I Adopted Ranger's Popsicle!  Yummy! I Adopted Joe's Popsicle!  Yummy!

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